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If you love Friesians, dream about Andalusians..... maybe the Gypsy horse is your favorite............ or the Lusitano is your passion, this is the magazine for you!
This is a bi-monthly, FULL COLOR, GLOSSY publication that will keep you up to date on "what's what" and "who's who" in the Baroque Horse world. Read about breeders of these magnificent horses and learn what registries are available for your consideration when registering your horses. You'll find information on upcoming shows and past events as well as articles from top professional trainers who work with these wonderful breeds on a daily basis. The Friesian Blood & Baroque Horse magazine will provide articles and information from experts on key issues for you and your horse. There are articles regarding common questions and ailments of these particular breeds; and of course, there will be no shortage of stallions at stud and horses for sale in every issue!
Many issues have a Featured Stallion, a Featured Horse and/or a Featured Farm. The Friesian Blood & Baroque Horse Magazine promises to never leave you wanting for great photos of these wonderful horses! 
The Friesian Blood and Baroque Horse magazine is looking for pictures and information from YOU, the owners, breeders and lovers of these magnificent breeds. We want to hear from you about your triumphs and failures and your thoughts and feelings on any subject related to any of these breeds. As we would like to print all articles and pictures that are sent, that just is not possible, but most will appear at some time during the following year so FEEL FREE to send photos and stories about YOUR BAROQUE HORSE!
The Friesian Blood and Baroque Horse Magazine promises to be fun, informative and nothing short of SPECTACULAR! 
The Magazine Dedicated to all Baroque Breeds.  
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